Why Mr. Specter Won't Join the Tea Party.

·       Mr. Specter prefers coffee. Tea is okay if you're not feeling well, especially with honey and lemon.

·       The logic of laying off thousands of government workers, the vast majority are Americans, to somehow improve the economy is lost on Mr. Specter. People who don't have jobs don't spend much money. They don't buy homes or applicances. It doesn't matter if they were government employees, worked under a government contract or for private industry. Increasing unemployment hurts the economy. You want to make things worse, shrink the size of government.

·       Reducing the debt by cutting expendatures overseas makes more sense. Taxing the wealthy makes sense except, of course, for the president. Reduce the debt by increasing revenue.

·       Mr. Specter is an independant thinker. He won't join any group that would sink so low as to have him as a member. He also won't join any group that insists that all their members accept and endorse all of their positions. It cuts down on being able to sell his support on individual issues to the highest bidder.

·       When Mr. Specter hears about less government he thinks of it as less government oversight. That sounds good until you realize that it means fewer food inspectors, less monitoring of deep sea oil drilling rigs, less oversight of the banking industry and the mining industry. We all know how well that worked.

·       Mr. Specter is a supporter of Obamacare. Say what you want, but repealing the law would cost even more tax dollars. Not only that, but most Americans like the provisions of the law when taken individually. They somehow dislike the entire package because of the way its been branded by some politicians. These same politicians have one of the best healthcare plans in the world financed entirely by your tax dollars.


Remember, Great Politicians Cannot Be Bought,
Only Rented!

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