Mr. Specter for President

Mr. Specter has been mum on the issue of whether or not he plans to run in 2016.

He will only say that he is willing to talk to contributers.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, Mr. Specter wants to talk to you.

In the meantime, Mr. Specter has stated that a big announcement may be coming "soon" regarding his future plans. 


Mr. Specter has several trips planned including New England and Ohio. He will not confirm that he is a candidate, but he is willing to speak to crowds during his travel.

In the meantime the media has been buzzing with rumors that

Mr. Specter has been lining up staff for a possible second bid. 

It is rumored that Mr. Specter may join the Decaffeinated Coffee Party. 

"It's the only party that won't keep you up at night."

The Decaffeinated Coffee Party had no comment at this time.

Mr. Specter said "It is amazing how many relatives I can offer

employment to if the funding becomes available."

"My wife retired from her teaching job and we could really use the

six-figure income for her to act as my campaign advisor." 


"I understand that there are a number of furloughed teachers that may also be seeking positions."



Why support Mr. Specter?

·       Mr. Specter is NOT a Washington Insider. He’s a true Maverick.

·       Mr. Specter is ready to lead. The only question is, “Is anyone ready to follow?”

·       Mr. Specter has had more experience than most people. Granted, not much of his experience is relevant to the presidency, but then again he has not been exposed to the corruption of the Senate.  

·       Mr. Specter does not owe political favors to anyone.

·       Mr. Specter has never accepted money from a lobbyist, although he'd like to. (If you’re a lobbyist with a lot of extra cash call 412-555-1212 for more information)

·       He has complete independence (Except, of course, from Mrs. Specter. He doesn't always listen to her either. He usually does - but not always. He might listen to her more often if she was being paid as his campaign advisor.)

·       Mr. Specter will bring change to Washington. He may also bring a few dollars as well. That’s one expensive town.

·       Mr. Specter thinks the way you do, whatever that is. At least for now.

·       Mr. Specter will give you new hope for the future. After all, there will be another election in four years.

·       Mr. Specter has traveled internationally. He’s been to Canada, Mexico, Africa, Grand Cayman Island, Costa Rica and England. He’d love to travel some more at taxpayer expense. He's never been to Aruba. They are due for a state visit. He’s willing to fly coach if he can bring Mrs. Specter.

·       Mr. Specter does not like the Citizen's United decision. That being said, he would welcome the support of a well-funded super-pac.

·       Mr. Specter knows that Africa is a continent, not a country.

·       Mr. Specter cannot see Russia from his back porch. Mr. Specter doesn’t even have a back porch. He does have a deck.

·       Remember to vote early and vote often on election day. Vote for the Specter of your choice!


Remember, Great Politicians Cannot Be Bought;
Only Rented!


Mr. Specter and the Tea Party

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