SVTV is a group of students interested in broadcasting and filmmaking. Skills include all aspects of production including announcing, camera work, editing, sportscasting, lighting, graphics and scripting. Every student's involvement is tailored to his or her interest.

The group meets whenever there is a project in production.


Mr. Specter's Video Production 2 Class along with SVTV have produced public service announcements promoting good things that are going on within the district.


In addition to production the SVTV group is in charge of the Channel One distribution system within the school.

We also broadcast 24 hours a day on Verizon Channel 31.

Currently Comcast has refused to accept our feed without the district paying them nearly $ 15,000 in startup costs. This practice is not only highly unethical, it may be illegal. Given these difficult economic times it is highly unlikely that the district will ever be able to pay them. In the meantime you can see our latest productions at your neighbors' who are fortunate enough to have Verizon FIOS TV.





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